The International Shipping Summer School 2012

The International Shipping Summer School is one of the oldest shipping summer schools in the UK. Amongst its speakers are senior advisers to both the British government and the European Union. The summer school offers an intensive programme of study for those interested in international shipping at a very competitive price. In 2012 it will run from 18th June – 5th July. The course lasts three weeks and takes place in the City of London.The course is held in the premises of th College of Central London. It is designed for those people who want to enter the shipping indutry but have little or no knowlege of what this entails or for those who are allready in the industry but want to know more of how the industry works. The course covers many topics which include:

- World trade and the demand for shipping, major commodity flows and seasonal variations. The effect of freight tariffs and agreements.

- The ship - conflicting requirements for cargo and safety. General features of ship design, ship types for different cargoes and trades.

- The need to load, discharge and measure cargo.

- Organisations involved in shipping, types of owner and company structure for the different trades. Cost structures and techniques to minimise costs. Shipping finance.

- Tramp markets, supply of tonnage, freight rates, the oil and bulk trades. Methods of employment for a vessel. The role of the shipbroker in obtaining the best match of employment for a vessel or carriage for a cargo.

- Liner trades, conferences and consortia, the ship as one part of a unified transport system; road, rail and air transport, the port as interface between multimodal transport systems.

- The principal types of marine insurance. The roles of the insurance broker and underwriter.

- Port operations, management , administration and maritime fraud.

There are also hosted visits to a major port near London, Lloyd’s, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency at Dover and to the IMO.

All the talks are given by expert practitioners in their field, some of whom have retired and are now academics or are advisors to governments. For example, the marine insurance talk is given by a retired working member of Lloyd’s who has over 40 years’ experience of dealing with marine claims and who has recently published a book on marine insurance. Maritime fraud is dealt with by the UK manager of the International Maritime Bureau, which is part of the International Chamber of Commerce. The lecture on Port Operations is given by the author of the standard reference book on "Sea Transport - Economics and Operations" and "Port Operation and Management". The topics of vessel employment, chartering and the role of a shipbroker is given by a director of a ship broking company, who is also an arbitrator, maritime advisor to an African Government and a member of the Baltic Exchange. The lecture on Trading Qualifications and Operational Procedures for Ships is given by a highly respected commodities expert.

The engineering side of the course is given by a senior examiner for the Department of Trade. Ship management and liner trades talks are in the hands of a retired ship’s captain [who now manages a steam tug as a hobby] he also conducts the Summer School’s visit to the Port of Tilbury. The lectures on world trade, international shipping organisations and possible future shipping trends are given by a former ship’s captain who was active in the shipping market representing shipowners and who now lectures at several academic centres, including London Metropolitan University.


The course is suitable for:-
1 Those who wish to follow a career in shipping or have an interest in the subject.
2 Those who have worked in shipping or related areas for some time and wish to obtain a wider view of the industry and the role of City of London's institutions within it.


A Statement of Attendance is issued to those participants whose attendance is satisfactory. It does not grant admittance to any UK educational or qualification organisation but, because many of the speakers are senior persons within organisations such as the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers or universities, colleges or are government advisors you will be able to obtain expert advice on how to advance your career.

The Cost

1335 or €1680 per person (a discount is available for 3 or more delegates from the same organisation - please contact the course director for details). This does not include accommodation, travel within London and normal meals. It does include cost of all visits outside London and associated meals.


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